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Steve Schallert is Kickstarting a worship album, and you should check it out. He led worship for my Discipleship Training School when I was first in YWAM, so I can tell you from experience that he facilitates some uniquely personal and justice-minded worship. In his own words…

“‘SONGS OF SORROW / SONGS OF HOPE’ is my attempt to reaffirm the place of lamentation within the world of congregational worship music. My prayer is that these songs, songs written all over the world in all kind of circumstances, will be both a comfort and a challenge to communities of faith. A comfort and affirmation for all of us who mourn and struggle and weep and doubt and a challenge for us all to love deeper and wider and more recklessly. These are songs of tension and weakness, songs of compassion and praise and protest… and I invite you to join me as I seek to bring them to life.”

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